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The first step: leaned over the abdomen 1, the legs together, p90x3 jeremy knees knees,thighs and legs into a 90 degree angle, toe support, upper body forward bent down, p90x3 jacket arms straight, palms on the ground supporting the body, waist and hip muscles tighten, upper body with the ground balance, head down.2,p90x3 jumping to just above the buttocks slowly lifted, then straighten legs, feet touch the ground, upper body and arms into a straight line, p90x3 jamie make body and the ground to form a right triangle.3, the right side of the suction side kick back above the knee and elbow up, keep straight, p90x3 kits so that his right leg and upper body, arm connected straight lines.4, slowly expiratory, hip, upper body forward pulling and recovery with the ground balance position, left leg stretch, two shoulders bent knees again, right leg forward, p90x3 kat folded in the chest. Then again expiratory, lift the right leg, hip upward, or so each do 5 times.